Anti-Trump Poems

by Christopher Rudolph

Putin’s Useful Idiot

TrumPig’s Seven Deadly Sins

The Walls that Make Us Safe

Kushner’s Secret Back Channel

Trump’s Desperate Plea

Russian Spy Trump

Trump’s Impeachment Ratings

Target Traitor Trump

Trump’s Pre-Existing Condition

Twitler Will Get Us Killed

Coordinated Strike

Trainwreck Traitor Trump

Meals on Wheels R.I.P.

Traitor Michael Flynn

Traitor Paul Manafort

Trump Don’t Dig Coal

Trump’s Fertilizer Problem

Traitor Sessions

Trump The Ranting Russophile

Lord of the Lies

Bowling Green Massacre

Disaster in Chief

Satanic Steve Bannon

Traitor Trump Hides Taxes

Nasty Women Against Trump 

Trump’s Size Underestimated Falsely

Urine Trouble Trump

Putin Puppet Traitor

Trump The Nuking Narcissist  

Putin Praising Traitor

Commander In Cheat

Trump Celebrates With Mobster

Lock Traitor Trump Up

Arrest Traitor Trump

Trump Gets UnPresidented

Twitler is a Tweeting Traitor

Traitor Trump NEVER

Trump’s Cabinet of Deplorables

It Ain’t Over

White House Senior Advisor Steven Bannon

Don The Con

Putin’s Puppet

Walking Eagle

The Emperor Has No Balls

Trump The Missing Link

Groper In Chief

Trump’s Corruption Has No Equivalency

Trumpism Must Be Crushed

The Hate Trumpkin

Election NOT Rigged

Sniffling Don’s Phentermine Freakout

Trump Can’t Bully NY Times

TrumPig’s Crew Abandons Ship

Male Chauvinist TrumPig

Terminally Ill NOT Voting For Trump

Trump The Phentermine Freak

Trump Is Unfit For Presidency

Trump Broke Cuban Embargo

Trump’s Fraudulent University

Cruz Endorses Trump

Trump’s Disgusting NYC Bombing Response

Trump’s Candidacy Doomed

Trump The Lying Birther

Trump Foundation Scam

Trump’s Despicable Deplorables

Lauering The Bar

Trump’s Pay-For-Play Scandal

Art of The Steal

Trump’s Kool-Aid Drinkers

Trump The Turd Tornado

Baby Don Don Debate

Trump’s Wall Amnesia

Taco Trucks Immigrant Solution

Trump’s Immigration Folly

Trump The Welfare King

Trump’s Colon Kink

Chief Executive Bannon

Hoax Is On Trump

The King of Debt

Trump Regrets Nothing

Mysoginist Advises Mysoginist

Trump’s Hypocritical Immigrant Test

Thoughtless Thug Trump

Loser Trump

Release Tax Returns Now

Trump Is A Rump

Don The Coward Trump

Return The Medal Now

Male Chauvinist Trump

Trump’s Mendacity

Trumpty Dumpty