Art of The Steal


by Christopher Rudolph

This is how it works

The Art of The Steal

Get access to RNC funds

Then you wheel and deal

With tens of millions of dollars

Pouring in as donations

Send YUGE Checks

To your own operations

Yes, send the money quickly

To the businesses you own

Make sure the prices charged

Are totally overblown

For example, I sent lots of money

For my own Victory Celebration (3/15/16)

At my Palm Beach Country Club

A little Mar-a-Lago Subsidization

Hundreds of Thousands of Dollars

Vanishing in thin air

Always make sure

You get more than your fair share

Now, if your office staff shrinks

Rent more space not needed

Quadruple the price

So profits are exceeded

In Manhattan, New York

I did exactly that

Jacked up the rent to the RNC

For I am a Trump Tower Rat


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