Don The Con


by Christopher Rudolph

Hey there people

I’m Donald Trump

My hair is Yuge

And I’m a chump

I’m gonna make America

Hate again

I’ve been getting lots of coverage


I just open my mouth

And the BS spouts

My fans are pretty stupid

That’s no doubt

They’re not too bright

Kind of hypnotized

Wanna be rich like me

You see I’m idolized

I play on their fears

And racist ways

I’m gonna build a Yuge wall

And make Mexico pay

I’m gonna ban the Muslims

I just can’t lose

Keep making crazy statements

To dominate the news

Soon I’ll be The King

My little hands on nukes

Starting World War III

I’ll be sending the troops

And when the Vets come home

They’ll all go to Trump U

Take worthless courses

Don’t like it? Try to sue

You see people are sheep

So, you all better beware

They call me “Don the Con”

Your worst nightmare


p.s. – I have fake orange hair


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