Election NOT Rigged


by Christopher Rudolph

Trump can’t stand being mocked

For wearing a fake orange wig

He’s been throwing a temper tantrum

Saying everything is rigged

It is pretty clear now

He will lose by landslide

He’s going to take a SCHLONGING

It’s going to hurt his pride

But the election isn’t rigged

He just can’t get a free pass

Is it really the media’s fault?

He is such a horse’s ass

But this is super dangerous

Trump must civilly accept his demise

Our Democracy is at stake

Threatened by his ongoing crooked lies

For Trump is a super psycho

A lunatic deranged

The media must stomp on this

We should all be outraged

Trump is only saying this now

Because in the polls he’s declining

The election is NOT rigged

He really needs to stop whining


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