Hoax Is On Trump


by Christopher Rudolph

Trump unbelievably says

Global Warming is a hoax

Just made up by wackos

And other environmental folks

But 97% of Scientists

Say it is getting worse and worse

A phenomenon catastrophic

And we are the source

As we continue to burn

Polluting fossil fuels

Spewing carbon emissions

Could be the cause of our doom

But Donald Trump wants

To burn more oil and coal

And breaking the Paris Agreement

Is one of his goals

He also plans to dismantle


For regulatory costs

Are too much to pay

To hell with clean water

To hell with clear air

Let’s spend more on the military

And wage more warfare

But Americans don’t want this

They want a real solution

Don’t want to go back to a time

When there was so much pollution

So, come this November

The hoax is on Trump

For Americans are too smart

To vote for an Orange Chump


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