Lauering The Bar


by Christopher Rudolph

NBC’s host Matt Lauer

Is a sexist lightweight chump

At the Commander in Chief Forum

He played patty cakes with Trump

He never called Trump out

On his many blatant lies

But totally harassed Hillary

About her emails many times

Trump praised Vladamir Putin

And lied about being against Iraq

But Lauer never said anything

Never once did he give Trump flack

He interrupted Hillary often

Telling her to cut her answers short

But Trump could BS on and on

Lauer too afraid to try to thwart

Yes, Lauer felt it was OK

To give Hillary a real tough time

But Trump was allowed to brag on and on

About treason and war crimes

Lauer gave Trump a free pass

With Don The Con he would not spar

He is a disgrace to his profession

For he’s been Lauering The Bar


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