Lock Traitor Trump Up

by Christopher Rudolph

US Intelligence Agencies agree

Russia attacked the USA

Confirmed by the FBI

And also the CIA

This is an ongoing Act of War

A type of Cyber Warfare

All Patriots should be outraged

We all must beware

But there is a traitor amongst us

And it is totally unprecedented

He is our President Elect

And he must be UnPresidented

For on July 27th

Trump called for Russian hackers

To break into US computers

Encouraging Hillary’s attackers

We all heard Trump’s request

On National TV

And as it turns out

The Russians then hacked the DNC

Russia also attacked Social Media

Publishing fake news

On over 200 websites

15 million Americans viewed

Then it was shared

Over and over again

Going libelously viral

Smearing Hillary Clinton

Russia also hired Internet trolls

As fake Americans they posed

Supporting Putin’s Puppet

Russia’s unwanted will imposed

Even Senator Graham

Had his campaign hacked

This interference must stop

Where next will they attack?

But Trump loves Putin

He’s Putin’s Tweeting Twit

Trump says he’s “very smart”

And he “always knew it”

Trump is Putin’s Puppet

He owes him lots of dough

He’s a turncoat traitor

Just Putin’s little ho

Yes, Traitor Trump is guilty

Beyond any doubt of reason

He must be arrested immediately

And locked up for Treason

This is not a partisan issue

America is under attack

All Patriots must stand strong

Let’s take our country back


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