Male Chauvinist Trump


by Christopher Rudolph

Why would any woman

Ever vote for Donald Trump?

He’s an insulting monster

A misogynist chump

“Woman are disgusting slobs

Don’t vote for that ugly face”

Don’t breast feed your child

That’s a total disgrace

He calls them “pigs”

Animals of all kinds

Judging them solely on their looks

Not at all for their minds

At Miss Universe Pageants

Contestants walked by as he drooled

Disqualifying the unattractive ones

That didn’t meet the “Trump Rule”

Oh, we know what he’s done

We know exactly what he’s said

Wants to defund Planned Parenthood

A Trump Presidency we should dread

Supreme Court appointments

As many as four will be made

Pro-Choice is up for grabs

He wants to overturn Roe V Wade

But this will not happen

For woman will not cower

Come November Trump will lose

As woman show their mighty power


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