Satanic Steve Bannon

by Christopher Rudolph

My name is Steve Bannon

I’m Satan’s right hand man

Darth Vader is my idol

Total destruction is my plan

The establishment must fall

Everything come crashing down

Trump’s not just Putin’s Puppet

He’s also my Orange Bitch Clown

I’m the brains behind Trump

His White House Chief Strategist

Got a seat on the NSC

And a I’m a loyal White Supremacist

See I’m fundamentally a Leninist

A treasonous Russophile

An enemy of the State

I practice the art of guile

Chicanery and trickery

And deceptive conspiracies

A master manipulator

Creator of mass miseries

Darkness is good

The truth is out of sight

We’re spewing Alternate Facts

To support the Alt-Right

Dictator Don is in power

Thanks to a Russian Coup

Now prepare for the worst

Enjoy our despotic debut


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