Trump Foundation Scam


by Christopher Rudolph

The Trump Foundation

Is a total sleazy scam

It’s as crooked as can be

Just a shady sham

Trump used foundation money

To buy gifts to boost his ego

$20,000 portrait of himself

And a Helmet of Tim Tebow

The money comes from others

Trump no longer donates

Unusual for a Family Foundation

He’s not paid since 2008

He has already been busted

For using money illegally

Giving $25,000 to Pam Bondi

The corrupt Florida AG

A Pay-For-Play scandal

Investigation dropped against Trump U

Even though Trump ripped people off

Now so many are trying to sue

Corruption is deep rooted

It just goes on and on

Paying money to his own businesses

It’s just a blatant fraud

But what is worst of all

Most horrible treachery incited

Trump Foundation giving $100,000

To David Bossie’s Citizens United

This proves beyond a doubt

Trump is an enemy of the people

Just a devious deceptive snake

A swindler deceitful


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