Trump The Lying Birther

trump gross

by Christopher Rudolph


The King of the Birthers

Turned out to be a liar

Trump is smelling pretty bad

And his pants are on fire

Saying Obama was born in Kenya

This was quite a smear

He’s an illegitimate President

For he wasn’t born here

Trump clung to the birther lie

For the last years five

He started in 2011

The mendacity really thrived

For 44% of Republicans

Believe in this stinker

They swallowed the lie whole

Hook, line, and sinker

He nurtured this defamation

Like a poisonous flower

Trying to bring Obama down

To reduce his legitimate power

This was completely atrocious

An evil blatant racist attack

One totally despicable

Against our first President black

And now he is saying

That his slander was untrue

This was something for sure

That he always really knew

Now he wants to appear

To African Americans more sensible

But really this makes him

Even more deplorably reprehensible

For this Democrats and others

Trump they truly do despise

Trump get down on your filthy knees

NOW, and to Obama apologize


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