Trump The Phentermine Freak


by Christopher Rudolph

Who stays up all night?

Snorting and Tweeting

Like Don The Con

More late night overeating

Sniffling Don is sniffing

And popping Phentermine

It’s driving him insane

Makes him really mean

The Trumpster is losing

The Schlonging has been taken

At the latest debate

Hillary gave him a good spanking

But he had a defective mic

Claims the whole thing is rigged

Still everybody can’t stop laughing

At his ridiculous orange wig

And lately he’s rambled on

In the wee hours of the morn

About fake sex tapes

Of Alicia Machado’s porn

Considering Melania’s past

Who is Trump to vilify

And as it turns out

It is nothing more than a lie

Now Trump is raving mad

He ruptured a cerebral vein

Doing too much Phentermine

And quite possibly cocaine


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