Trump The Welfare King


by Christopher Rudolph

Trump is trying to woo

Black voters across the states

But 99% do not support him

Yes, Trump they really hate

He has called them lazy fools

Something they just can’t control

An African-American trait

That’s what keeps them on the dole

He has been sued by the Feds

For discrimination twice

Doesn’t want to rent to blacks

Trump is more unpopular than lice

Yes, Trump is a full blown racist

It is ingrained within his veins

His Dad loved to go to Klan meetings

Wanted blacks back in chains

And Republicans have insulted

Strapping bucks and welfare queens

With shuck and jive racist comments

That are totally obscene

And the KKK supports him

Trump has the support of David Duke

Trump refuses to disavow him

That really makes me puke

But Trump The Welfare King

Has been running a big scam

Many years he’s paid no taxes

For he’s been screwing Uncle Sam