TrumPig’s Crew Abandons Ship


by Christopher Rudolph

The GOP Ship was ready

To sail off to sea

Trump’s crew all on board

To support the nominee

There were surrogates and Senators

Congressmen and staff

A few Foxy Journalists of course

Paid to overlook Trump’s gaffs

Then the TrumPig got to talking

Didn’t realize his mic was on

Apparently some woman

Really turned him on

He said, “I don’t care if she’s married

I’m not a little wussy

All I have to do is

Grab her by the pussy”

Trump’s voice was loud and clear

Everybody on board heard it

He then went on to say

“When you are a star they just let you do it”

Then he realized his mistake

He quickly took off his Pigskin

He started to apologize

But only spoke about Bill Clinton

He rambled a bit more

And as his words left his lips

The crew began to scramble

They started abandoning ship

Many were just jumping

Right into the sea

They were in quite a hurry

Feverishly trying to flee

TrumPig yelled, “You can’t all leave

For I have a Yuge Little Cock

Just give me another chance

We haven’t even left the dock”


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