TrumPigs’ Seven Deadly Sins

by Christopher Rudolph

He Lusts (1) for girls

That don’t even yet bleed

Innocent he swallows them

For he is a man of Greed (2)

Counting imaginary paper billions

Trillions of worthless pennies

Jealous of Obama

Totally consumed by Envy (3)

He fired the FBI Director

To make him feel his Wrath (4)

Committing political suicide

Just can’t stop a sociopath

He says his election victory was Huge

Beat Hillary in a landslide

But Super Hill won the Popular Vote

Facts combat his bloated Pride (5)

Just serve him steak with ketchup

Keep filling up his Gluttony (6)

Pile and pile and pile it up

To cover all his felonies

The truth is Trump is a Sloth (7)

He is a Mar-a-Logo Louse

Time to send Traitor TrumPig

From White to Big House


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