Trump’s Cabinet of Deplorables

trumpscabinetofdeplorables-2 Thanks to 1533 Days

by Christopher Rudolph

Let’s take a look

At who Trump has picked so far

White House Senior Advisor Steve Bannon

He is crazy and bizarre

Said, “Darth Vader, Satan

Now that’s power.”

When interviewed on

12-15-16 by Michael Wolff

At New York’s Trump Tower

Immigration Advisor Kris Kobach

Really wants to inter

Muslims in guarded camps

Yes, this really could occur

Potential Attorney General Mike Sessions

Said he is OK with the KKK

Too racist to be a judge

The Senate said no way (1986)

Tea Partier Mike Pompeo

Will head the CIA

An anti-Muslim conspiracy theorist

And he is really anti-gay

Trump’s pick is Michael Flynn

To head the NSA

One of Putin’s pals

Will the US he betray?

So, out of the nasty basket

Trump chooses the most deplorable

Straight into his cabinet

It really is quite horrible


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