Trump’s Corruption Has No Equivalency


by Christopher Rudolph

Let us not forget

Two important dates

First is Trump’s Trial for Fraud

On November 28

Then the next trial

Starts on December 16

For brutally raping a girl

Who was only 13

Donald Trump’s corruption

Is totally beyond dispute

He has been legally entangled

In more than 3,500 lawsuits

For Trump has a horrible habit

The little guy he extorts

Want to get paid for your work?

You got to take him to court

Trump University was fraudulent

The Trump Foundation a total scam

He’s proven to be the biggest liar

Don the Con is a total sham

He’s had three wives

And four bankruptcies

Bribed the Florida AG

Promotes conspiracy fallacies

He won’t release his taxes

He owes the Russians lots of dough

He’s ready to abandon NATO

He’s Putin’s little ho

Yes, Trump is corruption on steroids

He’s as crooked as can be

Saying Hillary is just as bad

Is simply false equivalency


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