Trump’s Despicable Deplorables


by Christopher Rudolph

Who are The Deplorables?

And why do so many stink?

It mainly has to do

With what they think

As Hillary pointed out

Half are repairable

But the other half falls

Into the “basket of deplorables”

For they’re racists and bigots

Keep attacking the gays

Some are David Duke followers

Even members of the KKK

They are xenophobic, Islamaphobic

Mad raving cuckoos

Many are totally uneducated

Keep swallowing Trump’s spew

Many are male chauvinistic

Sexist groping desperate pigs

So delusional and demented

They even like Trump’s Orange wig

They don’t care Trump is a traitor

Just Putin’s little ho

Or that he is totally in debt

Owing Putin lots of dough

No, it wouldn’t matter if Trump

Murdered puppies so adorable

For these are the lowest scum on earth

Trump’s Despicable Deplorables


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