Trump’s Fertilizer Problem

by Christopher Rudolph

It’s time to connect

Treasonous traitor dots

Between Putin Puppet Trump

And a powerful Russian Oligarch

Trump really loves Putin

He defends him at every chance

Russia is the enemy of the West

Why does he take a Pro-Russian stance?

He sold his moldy mansion in Palm Beach

To the Russian Fertilizer King

In 2008 to Dmitry Rybolovlev

But it was just a play house thing

For he never moved in

Even after paying 95 Million Dollars

55 Million more than it’s worth

A stealthy crime of white collars

Dmitry has well known ties

To President Vladamir Putin

One of his mobsters

A dedicated comrade in sin

Overpaying Trump was a payment

And the Russians always demand what’s due

Trump needs to lift the sanctions on Russia

Also payback for the U.S. Presidential Coup


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