Trump’s Fraudulent University


by Christopher Rudolph

Trump’s trial for fraud

Was set for November 28

Former students were suing

Time to set things straight

Trump knowingly participated

In the University’s mission

Using high pressure sales tactics

To collect overpriced tuition

Making many false claims

That proved to be untrue

Anybody could be successful

In real estate, “Even YOU”

It doesn’t matter who you are

You’ll make Yuge Revenue

“Just max out your credit cards

Do whatever you have to do”

The first course is FREE

Just a bait-and-switch rip-off

Preying on the elderly and uneducated

To extract the greatest payoff

Students were supposed to learn

How to make Yuge profits

In the real estate business

But it was just a false promise

Anybody could be successful

Just listen to Trump’s spew

But he didn’t prepare the curriculum

With it he had nothing to do

He didn’t “hand pick” the instructors

Or even attend the seminars

Students just left hanging

Where was their Superstar?

But for just $35,000

Students could get special advice

From their own private mentor

Enter fool’s paradise

Become a Super Member

Of the Golden Elite

Trump U robbed them blind

His students he did cheat

Forced to pay them $25 Million

His fake University now long closed

Don the Con had to settle

His scheme has been exposed

But the system still protects him

The bill really covered by Uncle Sam

For Trump will just write it off

WE THE PEOPLE have been scammed


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