Trump’s Pay-To-Play Scandal


by Christopher Rudolph

Trump just got busted

For playing Pay-To-Play

He purchased Political influence

It’s really not OK

He bribed Pam Bondi

The Florida AG

He gave her $25,000

It’s as shady as can be

She was up for reelection

So, Trump gave to her campaign

The IRS just fined him

Trump didn’t even complain

He paid the fine quietly

Hoping nobody would find out

But the whole world knows now

About this sleazy buyout

You see a fraud investigation

Was launched against Trump U

Thousands of people were cheated

Many now are trying to sue

But once Bondi got her money

She dumped the investigation

He then threw a lavish party for her

Sponsored by his Trump Foundation

Overcharging $3,000 per head

For this snobby robbery

At Mar-o-Lago Country Club

Trump’s Palm Beach Property

Yes, Don The Con has bragged

He pays and they kiss his ass

But America won’t ever elect

Such a Corrupt Horse’s Ass


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