White House Senior Advisor Steven Bannon


by Christopher Rudolph

Trump just appointed

A new White House Senior Advisor

Blustering Steve Bannon

Why was he even hired?

For Bannon is Executive Chairman

Of Brietbart News

Peddler of racism, bigotry

And homophobic views

A leader of the Alt-Right

Promoting White Supremacy

A clear National threat

To our sacred Democracy

He is a conspiracy theorist

With no respect for truth

Crazy Ultra-Conservative

Sleazy, sordid, and uncouth

So, why would Trump

Hire such a slimy snake?

Does he really want to heal the divide?

Does he realize what’s at stake?

Yes, this choice makes no sense

It is as offensive as can be

For this just fans the flames

People are furious rightfully

In a recent interview (11-15-16)

At the New York Trump Tower

Steve Bannon said “Darkness is good”

“Darth Vader and Satan. That’s power.”

Now you can’t make this up

This is really what he said

It is time to seriously realize

Trump’s Presidency we should dread


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